Semi Permanent Makeup by Sandy

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    Free Consultation
    The procedure only takes an hour per session with little to no downtime.
    Hair Stimulation Eyebrow Embroidery (Cloning or Microblading) 450
    Hair stroke technique or hairline cloning technique  
    Eyebrow Embroidery 450
    Softap Eyebrows (Sandy is a Softap Technician)  
    Eyebrow feathering, shading and powdery-filled  
    HD Eyebrows

    1st visit: Powdery-Filled Tapping Technique
    2nd visit: Hairline Cloning Technique
    Eyebrow feathering with natural-looking hairstroke
    Blend of multiple shades of color to create a 3 Dimentional effect
    Upper Lash Line 300
    Thin eyeliner precisely placed above your lashes  
    Upper Water Line (Invisible Eyeliner) 300
    There is no line above your lashes when you look down
    Very subtle and yet classy
    Upper Water Line + Lash Line 500
    Lower Water Line (Invisible Eyeliner) 250
    Lip Blush - Micropigmentation Technique 500
    Soft pinkish rosy lip stain or orangy cute lips  
    3D Lip Sparkling - Manual Technique 600
    Lips highlight for a youthful look without any fillers  
    Scalp Micropigmentation 1200
    Lash Perm 50
    Subtle lash curling  
    Lash Lift 60
    Dramatic appearance without any fake lashes  
    Lash Tint or Brow Tint 25

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