The Process of Eyebrow Embroidery

Hand Method Eyebrow Embroidery by Sandy Tan
  • Eyebrow embroidery is a new generation of semi-permanent makeup, in which pigment is tapped into the skin by hand by a lifting technique using a disposable manual tool.

  • There are no machines, no stencils, and no clown-like tattoos - our incomparable Hand Method Application, performed by a Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, provides you with a lot of versatility so that your end results will be completely soft and natural looking.

  • Our cosmetic pigments do not contain iron oxides. The difference is, iron oxides are not stable. They deteriorate rapidly when subjected to UV rays. Pigments containing iron oxide tend to discolor. Our pigments are made in the USA.

  • Different Effects: Hairline Stroke, Powdery Filled, Feathering

  • No Carbon Ink, No Tattoo Gun, No Blue or Green Tattooed Eyebrows

  • Last between 2 - 3 years, then slowly fade with NO blue or grey leftover marking, so as the skin ages and change of fashion trends, clients have the ability to change their style.

  • The procedure only takes an hour per session with no downtime.

    <<Sandy's Portfolio for Eyebrow Embroidery>>

    Free Consultation  
    Hand Method Hair Stimulation with Nano Needles 400
    Hair stroke technique  
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    Hand Method Eyebrow Embroidery 300
    Eyebrow feathering, shading and powdery-filled  
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    HD Eyebrows

    1st visit: Hand Method Eyebrow Embroidery
    2nd visit: Eyebrow Cloning with Micropigmentation Pen
    Eyebrow feathering with natural-looking hairstroke
    Blend of multiple shades of color to create a 3 Dimentional effect
    Upper Lash Line 300
    Thin eyeliner precisely placed above your lashes  
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    Extra Thick Upper Lash Line 350 +
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    Upper Water Line (Invisible Eyeliner) 300
    There is no line above your lashes when you look down
    Very subtle and yet classy
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    Water Line + Lash Line 400
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    Semi-Permanent Lip Blush 500
    Soft pinkish rosy lip stain or orangy cute lips  
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    RF Micro-needling 280 +
    Non-laser skin rejuvenation  
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    Tattoo Removal 250 +
    Skin Tag Removal  
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    Per Skin Tag 50
    Per Mole 80 - 150 +
    Per Area 200 - 500 +
    Lash Perm 50
    Subtle lash curling  
    Lash Lift 60
    Dramatic appearance without any fake lashes  
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    Lash Tint or Brow Tint 25

Why have a Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist do the permanent makeup rather than a doctor or a tattoo artist?

Tattoo artists are specially trained to do body art and doctors are trained in medicine practice, not semi-permanent makeup procedures. Semi-permanent makeup artist generally has an art background for color mixing and experience in 3D work.

How to pick a Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist?

  • Certified in Blood Borne Pathogens Training
  • Active Permit; Fully Licensed by Health Department
  • Strong Portfolio of Real Work
  • Gifted and Talented in Art and Design; Formal Education

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