Sandy Tan
Chemist . Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist

Sandy studied Advanced Chemistry and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science degree. With her passion for art and science, Sandy continued her Master of Fine Art education.

Trained and inspired by the best permanent makeup gurus in Taiwan and Singapore, Sandy acquired the hand-method soft tapping skills that made her a talented permanent makeup artist that she is today. Sandy uses SofTap® system of single-use, disposable needles and the highest quality pigments. Sandy is also certified in OSHA blood-borne Pathogens Training.

In March 2006, Sandy joined herbal MINERAL as a Product Developer to formulate a cruelty-free vegan skincare line with certified organic herbs, minerals and essential oils.
Having a solid knowledge about organic herbal ingredients in skincare products, Sandy strives for excellence with state of the art techniques in Aromatherapeutic Hollistic Treatments such as Aromatherapy Skin Care and Non-Surgical Lipo Treament while holding a high regard for clients' comfort and relaxation.

With all her passion in humanitarianism, Sandy's vision is to ban all animal testing procedures in cosmetic and skincare industries. Sandy is an active dog rescue volunteer.

When Sandy was in college, she played golf. Now Sandy enjoys equestrian sport (English Riding), polo, opera vocal training and violin. Sandy is recognized as a certified archery instructor by USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association. If you want to chat let Sandy know!

Sandy is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and conversational in Japanese.

<<Sandy's Portfolio for Eyebrow Embroidery>>

Kim and Sandy playing Polo

Kim Truong - Master Esthetician
Licensed Aesthetician . Spa Manager

Kim was a well-known professional esthetician in Saitama, Japan. Her passion for esthetics is an unending thread across the Pacific Ocean far away from her hometown in Japan. With her special Japanese facial massage techniques including Face Slimming Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage, Neck Lifting Massage and Facial Acupressure, Kim has a widespread reputation as one of the best estheticians in the Bay Area.

Kim has a broad range of experience from working as a wax technician and glamour to working as an esthetician. She is exceptionally skilled at Brazilian Wax, Lash Extensions, Lash Perm and Body Contouring. Kim uses her unique combination of skills to provide the best possible skincare to her clients.

Kim is fluent in Japanese, Vietnamese and English.


Susan Yun - Master Aesthetician
Licensed Aesthetician

Susan earned her esthetics certification from Marinello schools of beauty.
Her practices focus on Microdermabrasion, LED Therapy, Acne Treatment, Acupressure Facial Massage, Aromatherapy and Acid Peel.

Majored in Fine Art, Susan provides strong abilities in coloring and semi permanent make-up artistry.

Susan is fluent in English and Korean.

<<Susan's Portfolio>>

Vasilisa Kara - Master Aesthetician
Licensed Aesthetician . Reiki Master

With 25 years of skin care experience, Kara is truly a master aesthetician to our team. Kara is a graduate of the medical school in Riga, Latvia and received a Diploma in Dermatology. Later she advanced her technical skill of skin repair in Moscow, Russia and Paris, France.

A true master in her field, Kara specializes facial lifting massage and facial exercise. Kara is an Award Winning Esthetician at Congress of Aesthetics in Paris, France in 1997. In the United States Kara is licensed to practice skin care in California, Florida and Minnesota. Kara specializes in Face Lifting Massage, Kobido Japanese Facial Massage utilizing tsubo points for the prevention and treatment of age spots and wrinkles.

Kara is fluent in Russian, English, and conversational in Italian, German and Polish.

Mihwa Kang
icensed Aesthetician . State Certified Massage Therapist . Reiki Practioner

Mihwa worked as an architect in Tokyo prior to her skincare career. Her attention to detail, customer care and professionalism is therefore second to none as a skincare therapist.

Seven years of experience in the skincare industry, including 4 years of working as a highly popular aesthetician in prestigious Santana Row, has honed her knowledge of product ingredients, aromatherapy, facial and body treatments . Her signature treatment is an anti-aging facial-utilizing Shiatsu , Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Swedish massage. Her exceptional waxing service in eyebrow shaping and Brazilian always leaves her clients feeling comfortable and relaxed.

She is a California State certified massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Her belief is that a person's beauty and well being results from good balance of body, mind and spirit. She also enjoys practicing Yoga and Qigong.

Mihwa is fluent in Japanese, Korean and English

Joy Asuncion
Licensed Aesthetician . Certified Medical Assistant

Joy has 10 years of experience working as a Certified Medical Assistant. With her extensive medical background in family practice, dermatology and urgent care, Joy has an intensive knowledge of clinical skincare, skin disorders, and product ingredients. Joy is exceptionally skilled at Lash Extensions and speed waxing with an emphasis on Brazilian Wax. Her clients always leave herbal MINERAL looking beautiful and glowing with confidence.

I take bath pretty often.
I do not come to work stinky.

Hippo the Pug
Public Relations Manager . Marketing Director

Hippo graduated from the Puppy Class of K9 Training in 2005 with high honors. Inspired by his idol Mr. Bill Gates, Hippo dropped out from his Advanced Training Education to develop his career at a young age. With his charming and friendly attitude during his first interview, Hippo was soon hired as a Public Relations Manager at herbal MINERAL. Hippo works in the Marketing Division to improve the company website traffic maximization and interactive marketing strategies.

Hippo also manages strategic internal marketing communications initiatives to a reputable dog walking business in San Francisco. Regardless of his flirtatious personality, Hippo is happily in a committed relationship.

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