Our Story
herbal MINERAL was founded by a group of committed, animal-loving activists who believe in holistic skincare practices using organic herbal & mineral remedies. Our revolution is to improve your skin condition without any animal cruelty or environmental damage. Our mission is simple: to find the right balance of preserving nature and achieving younger radiant skin in a peaceful way. Plus we enhance every individual's good karma.

herbal MINERAL, a certified cruelty-free company, is already a member of PETA’s Caring Consumer program and on PETA’s list of companies that do not test on animals.

Earth-friendly >>
What a difference recycling makes! By doing all of the packaging and promotional material printing with recycled stock, herbal MINERAL saves numerous amounts of trees, gallons of water, yards of landfill space, and tons of solid waste.

Animal-friendly >>
herbal MINERAL loves our furry friends and would like to help as many of them as possible who are in need of love and warmth. The profits from herbal MINERAL spa and herbalmineral.com online store truly benefit the animal shelters throughout the bay area. We only carry vegan, earth-friendly, animal cruelty-free skincare products formulated with natural and/or certified organic ingredients.

People-friendly >>
herbal MINERAL prefers Fair Trade products. Most of our spa accessories were purchased from the Fair Trade practice which promote social, economic and environmental justice around the world. We serve Fair Trade Certified tea to support organic herb farmers and help fund for landslide restoration and reforestation.

Budget-friendly >>
We do not believe in high percentage markup or overcharging to maximize our business income. We offer reasonably priced and affordable spa treatments at our organic spa and herbal MINERAL's high quality natural skincare products are very budget-friendly. You don't have to be privileged to be pampered!

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